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Cantrell Astbury Kranz Business & Employment Lawyers is comprised of top employment law attorneys, non-compete attorneys, business litigation attorneys, and civil rights attorneys. Disputes we handle involve unfair competition and trade secrets (including non-compete and non-solicit agreements), employment law, employee benefits, compensation (including bonuses, commissions, overtime, and equity), business divorces, shareholder actions, business defamation, wrongful termination, retaliation, sexual harassment, and civil rights.


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Tampa (US: TAAM-pah) is a city on the Gulf Coast of the U.S. state of Florida. The city's borders include the north shore of Tampa Bay and the east shore of Old Tampa Bay. Tampa is the largest city in the Tampa Bay area and the seat of Hillsborough County. With an estimated population of 398,173 in 2022, Tampa is the 49th most populous city in the country and the 3rd most populous city in Florida after Jacksonville and Miami. Tampa was founded as a military center during the 19th century with the establishment of Fort Brooke.



Client Reviews

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Marie Akers, DNP, APRN, PMHS

Employment Lawyer

As a healthcare provider, it is so important to always seek legal counsel for guidance so that you can clearly understand the terms of your employment agreement. I consulted the services of Alissa Kranz PA, when I needed some clarity and guidance with my employment agreement with my current employer. Alissa provides exceptional employment agreement review services. In my recent experience with her, Alissa demonstrated a high level of professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail. Alissa's thorough review of my employment agreement provided me with valuable insights and recommendations that I would have otherwise missed. Her vast knowledge and experience in employment law were evident throughout the entire process, and she was able to answer all of my questions in a timely and clear manner. Additionally, Alissa's exceptional communication skills and customer service were notable. She promptly responded to my emails and calls, and made sure I was always informed and up-to-date throughout the entire review process. Overall, I highly recommend Alissa Kranz PA to anyone seeking employment agreement review services or any other employment law related issues. Her expertise, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service make her a top-notch professional in her field. I am grateful for her assistance and will certainly turn to her for any future employment contract needs. Marie Akers, DNP, APRN, PPCNP-BC, PMHS

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Non-Compete attorney

Life savers! I can't express this enough! This is seriously the only firm to consider using. I was losing a non-compete battle and had to switch legal teams. After speaking with several other lawyers, spending over a thousand dollars on several different lawyers to review my case, only to have them all tell me there was nothing I could do, I finally found Cantrell Zwetsch! I gave them a call and I'm so thankful I did! From day one I felt like a weight was lifted off of me. Alyssa and Mr.Cantrell saved me. My previous employer wouldn't pay me, was stealing my tools, never held up his end of our agreement, *had fired me, and on top of that his llc was dissolved for 6 years. Then when I left, he sued me for breach of non compete contract. The state and courts do not care about him not paying me or stealing from me.* My previous employer did everything wrong and was still winning. My previous employer wasn't just trying to sue me, he was trying to ruin my life! What's even worse, he has the money to do it. Alyssa and Mr. Cantrell saw what was going on and stopped it! This firm doesn't just look at the cover picture and decide what they are going to do they dig into everything and they find multiple ways of winning or getting the other side to give up. My resolution wasn't straight forward. We had to find a different way to apply leverage and find other ways to win. Alyssa and Mr Cantrell did exactly that! They loaded up and let me tell you, when they go in, they go in with guns blazing. I went into what was told was a losing situation and came out on top because of the legal team at Cantrell Zwetsch. There is none better! If you are having a legal issue and you can't afford to lose then this is the firm you should call.

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Robby Cantrell

non compete lawyer

I worked with the law firm to help assess and resolve issues relating to a non-compete agreement. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend considering this firm if you have an employment or non-compete legal issue. I was particularly impressed with their response times, knowledge of the law, and ability to give very helpful guidance, especially considering the sophisticated nature of the industry I work in.

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Abbey Burruano

Business lawyers

Will has handled some things for my business and he has always been professional and efficient. I know I can rest assured that My business is protected when using Will. His staff are polite and all friendly. If you are looking to hire someone to get the job done right and efficiently then you have come to the right place!

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Grady Wilson

Employment attorneys

I've known Will for several years now and go to him for any employment contract related issues. Will has earned my trust. He listens to your concerns and provides both a legal and practical prospective to any issues at hand. I will continue to work with them.

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Jim Martin

Employment lawyers

I recently engaged with Mr Cantrell’s firm for a serious matter involving an employment contract I had signed, including a very broad non-compete/non-solicit provision. Due to my not getting a legal review on the agreement in the first place, I was in a very difficult situation when it was time for me to move on from the employer. I had already met (3 times) with one employment law firm and they were unable to get things moving based on the scope of my situation. Mr Cantrell was able to review my contract stipulations in detail as they applied to state and federal labor practices, Florida statutes, etc and determine a course of action that led to modifying the one-sided terms such that they were reworked between myself and the previous employer. He then negotiated a settlement with terms that are fair and amenable to both sides, and I was able to leave without creating a legal mess down the road. I believe I have learned a good lesson from this, however if I ever need top-notch employment law counsel again I will work with Will Cantrell 10 out of 10 times. Thanks for everything!

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Karen Serbian

Sexual harassment attorney

I have utilize this office twice now and both times I worked with Mr. Zwetsch. I found him and his staff to be both very professional and CARING. I really appreciated the time he spent with me to ensure that I was pleased with the result. I would highly recommend this office for helping to protect you and your business!

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Damian Garcia

non compete & employment attorneys

If you have a non-compete or employment issue Will and Kevin are second to none. I’ve retained them multiple times and have been happy with the results. The supper staff in office is very helpful as well.

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Stacia Hepburn

Business Disputes attorney

Professional exceptional expertise in area of employment law and all legal matters. Also grateful for their care for charitable causes and caring for people. They are wonderful!

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Brandon Carpenter

Business Law, Disputes, Non compete, sexual harassment

I highly recommend Will and his team. He kept me updated with everything going on regarding my noncompete case weekly. Very professional and definitely knowledgeable regarding employment law.

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