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Best low light video camera

Best low light video camera


Best low light video camera


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When it comes to low light video cameras, one important factor to consider is the sensor size. Full-frame sensors are known for their ability to capture more light and produce better image quality in low light situations compared to smaller APS-C or micro four thirds sensors. Full-frame sensors are used in cameras like the Sony A7S, and its latest version, the Sony A7S III. This has made them popular among videographers.

Canon offers full-frame cameras, such as the Canon EOS R6, for those who want to take advantage of this technology. However, some may prefer smaller sensor sizes for portability and affordability. APS-C sensors can still provide decent low light performance while being more compact than full-frame counterparts.

Micro four thirds sensors, which are even smaller, offer benefits such as a greater depth of field and compatibility across a wide range of lenses. The right sensor size is ultimately determined by your personal preferences and the specific needs of each project.


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